José Fernández

Telecommunication Engineer


Telecommunication engineer looking for opportunities to participate in research, development and innovation projects. Interest in signal analysis, wave’s propagation, electronic design and satellite communication systems. Proactive at learning new Technologies and teamwork oriented.

Professional Experiences

Development engineer

Logística y telecomunicaciones Logytel C.A.

From September 2008 Till February 2009
Caracas - Venezuela

Design of a multiplexer circuit board that improved I/O monitoring and control capacities on DMR-800D satellite data terminals of Skywave. Schematic circuit layout design and components assembly. Satellite terminal made up with DMR-800D transceiver and circuit board multiplexer to provide enhanced I/O ports capabilities.
I wrote an operating instructions manual for the multiplexer circuit, containing working descriptions, parameters and installations issues.
Configuration and installation of Skypatrol Evolution and Antares DCT terminals for its use in vehicles and other moving assets tracking.
Design and construction of circuits to operate along with Skypatrol Evolution and Antares DCT terminals, such as audio amplifiers, management and I/O port multiplexing circuits.

Development engineer

Logística y telecomunicaciones Logytel C.A.

From July Till September 2008
Caracas - Venezuela

Documentation process about satellite systems, with emphasis on Inmarsat net. IsatM2M service, DMR-800 data terminals, terminal programming and configuration parameters. Set up objectives and premises when designing multiplexing devices.

Collaborator in web design classes


From June 2006 Till January 2007
Caracas - Venezuela

Help students in the use of software tools such as Office suite (spreadsheet, word processing, presentations, basic HTML design)

Educational Background

Telecommunication engineer

Universidad Católica Andrés Bello

January 2009
Caracas - Venezuela

Dissertation/thesis: Analysis of the impact that a routing protocol has over the energy consumption in the nodes of a wireless sensor network (WSN)
Attended de 1st UCAB-HUAWEI Telecommunications conference. The future of optical, wireless and NGN networks
Attended Telecommunications conference. Universidad Católica Andrés Bello. 2006. State of the art telecommunications technology.
GPA 15/20.

Bachelor in High school (sciences)

Unidad educativa Instituto Victegui

March 2003
Caracas - Venezuela

Member of “Pool de talentos”, group that gathers 4th and 5th grade outstanding students from “Unidad Educativa Instituto Victegui”. Organization of extracurricular activities.
GPA 18/20.


Programming, OS & Software

Control Windows 9x, 2000, NT y  XP Environments. Basic Linux knowledge.
C++, Matlab  y VB6 programming.
Network simulator: Packet Tracer. Knowledge of how to configure, operate, and troubleshoot medium-size routed and switched networks.
Web developing tools: HTML, Dreamweaver. Basic JavaScript
Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Power Point, Note, Access)
Simulators: LabView, PowerTOSSIM.
Circuit design and simulation software: Electronic Workbench, Multisim. Good expertise on PCB design simulators such as Ultiroute


Abstract about energy consumption profile in Crossbow’s MicaZ devices.
Energy consumption comparative chart between different routing protocols used in WSN.
Operating manual for LGL 001 multiplexing circuit.



Native language



Proficient. Good working Knowledge
1997-1998    Fyr Lois C.A. English course.
2004    Centro de ingles Interactivo. English Course

Personal Interests

Other Interest & Activities

Collaborate with UCAB volunteers group in “Casa Hogar Bambi” which assists children in social risk.
Enjoy traveling, listening music, playing soccer and jogging.

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